• Laser Pipe Cutting Machine
  • Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

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100~200 SETS / YEAR
Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

1. The overall appearance structure is compact and reasonable, placed and used extremely convenient.
2. Open processing mode, fully automatic upper and lower material structure.
3. Fully automatic pneumatic chuck, non-destructive card clamp, instant automatic centering clamping workpiece.
4. Iron plate welding bed.
5. Independent workbench, international first-class CNC system and cutting software.
6. The clamp can be customized according to the actual needs, and the silo and fully automatic upper device can be customized.

Applicable material

Suitable for all kinds of shaped tubes such as square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, U-tube, angle iron, tank steel and hexagonal tube. These materials are planned, slope cutting, concurrent line cutting, truncation, carved and perforated, etc., widely used in sheet metal processing, sports equipment, home appliance manufacturing, kitchen production and other industries. Materials include carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized tube, aluminized zinc tube, brass, copper, etc.

Performance technical parameters

Laser power 1000-3000W

Laser type fiber laser IPG / RAYCUS / GW

Tube processing length 6m / customizable

The minimum line width is 0.015mm

Tube wall cut thickness ≤15mm

Positioning accuracy ± 0.03mm / m

Round tube processing formation ∅30x ∅350mm

Square tube processing formation ∅20X ∅300mm

Processing acceleration 0.8g

Electricity demand 380V / 50Hz 380V / 60Hz

Appearance size 7000x1200x1500mm

Repeat the positioning accuracy ± 0.03m

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